Congratulations on purchasing your Healy!

You have just made an amazing decision to unlock a new level of positive transformation in you life. Scroll down to find out how to get started with your Healy!

Get Started Step 1

Check your email! You should have received an email confirmation from Healy for your order, as well as another email asking you to activate your Healy account. You’ll also be notified via email once your Healy has shipped.

If you signed up as an Independent Healy World Member, you’ll receive another email from eWallet, which is the service used by Healy for payouts. This email will prompt you to set up your account on eWallet.

Important! If you have any trouble setting up your accounts or with your Healy order, make sure you reach out to Healy Customer Support directly.

Get Started Step 2

Bookmark the following pages so they’re easy to come back to

Healy Store

Go to “Login” at the top of the store page to login and view your personal account details

Healy Helpcenter

A searchable FAQ resource where you can find answers to the most common questions

Healy Support Center

Submit support tickets here to get help directly from Healy’s customer support team

Healy Academy

Lots of great videos explaining all the Healy products in detail

Healy BackOffice

If you’re a member, this is where you’ll find all your business details – your referral links, business training materials, your current rank and bonus info, and lots of helpful downloads and tools to help you share Healy with others

eWallet Account

Info about current payouts (only for members)

Get Started Step 3

Once your Healy arrives, watch the unboxing video below to get familiar with your new Healy, download the apps, and experience you first program.

Note: You will need to charge your Healy fully before your first use. This will take 3-4 hours. Plan to do this sometime during the day when you’ll be able to unplug it once it’s done charging. If left plugged in for too many hours, the Healy my discharge and you will have to charge it again.

Another Note: In the video below, they refer to the primary Healy app as the “MagHealyApp”. The name has since been changed to “Healy2”. So when you go to download the apps, look for the one called “Healy2”. It should look like the screenshot below.

Get Started Step 4

Want simple daily instructions to help you get the most out of your first week with Healy? As your sponsor, I can sign you up for one of 6 Healy Experiences. Each experience is a 7-day email sequence especially  designed for those just getting started with Healy.

Each day you’ll receive one email with a short educational video, health tips, suggested Healy programs to try, and more, to help you get started with Healy in the simplest and most effective way possible.

There are 6 different themes available, which you’ll see listed below.

As soon as you receive your Healy, email me and let me know if you want to try one of the Healy Experiences listed below. Choose one from the list below and let me know what email address you want it sent to.

Get Started Step 5

Watch the video below from Healy World Americas team on the top 10 FAQs and things all Healy users need to know. This will answer some common questions that you might have as you’re getting started with your Healy.

Enjoy Your Healy!

I am very excited for you to experience the magic of Healy! If you have questions at any point or want to share your experience, please email me at, or message me on Twitter.

Don’t forget to check out the Healy Help Center for answers to common questions, and the Healy Support Center if you need to contact Healy directly with question or issues.

Ready to Share Healy with others?

If you signed up as an Independent Healy World Member, click the button below for some special resources just for you:



Want to share Healy with others, but didn’t sign up as a member? Go to the Healy Support Center and ask about switching your status to become a member and earn commissions on your referrals.