Manifest. Heal. Create.

Mikhail Ocean – Independent Healy World Member

Are you interested in feeling stronger and better; more confident and capable - successfully setting and achieving your goals, feeling happier and healthier overall???

I am Mikhail Ocean and I’m going to tell you a little bit about a miracle device, and it just might be the best idea for your personal development and empowerment toolbox that you could ever have.

Let me introduce you to Healy – A portable, wearable frequency device.

Here are only some of my personal experiences from only six months using my Healy:

  • A lot more energy
  • Better focus and getting things done faster and easier
  • Internal physical healing
  • Better sleep quality
  • Overall – I’m accelerating how fast I can see and make positive changes – in my personal beliefs and habit patterns of thought – many of these old beliefs have been blocking my ability to evolve faster and make my life better. This is extremely huge and seems to expand more and more!

In simple language, the Healy senses frequencies (in your body, mind, emotional, spiritual, and in the quantum information field) and then delivers the perfect blend of frequencies you need in the moment to support you and manifest your intentions.

What makes Healy so powerful is its ability to dynamically adjust to the changes in you.  I’ve heard that there is no other frequency device on Earth that can do this. 

Below you can watch videos from the Healy’s inventor and others that will give you lots of details, and when you click on one of the buttons on this page you can visit the Healy shop to explore the different possibilities that are right for you.

My hope is that you feel inspired today and perhaps see that something very special has just found you.

Thank you for being here!

Please email me if you have any questions at

An Introduction to Healy

So what is Healy, exactly? And how does it work? Here’s a simple introduction to the company and how the Healy works in concert with your body’s energy to naturally produce positive, healing results.

Ready to experience Healy for yourself?

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The Science Behind Healy

Want to hear more about the science behind the Healy device? Listen to Healy founder Marcus Schmieke explain it in this own words.

A quantum journey awaits!

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Healy Models Explained

Not sure which Healy edition is right for you? Jessica, who introduced my wife to Healy, explains the difference between the various models, so you can determine the best fit for you.

LIMITED TIME OFFER!   If you’re considering purchasing a Healy Professional, Resonance Plus, or Resonance Editions, they are currently available at 35% off in the US,Canada, and Mexico until September 30, 2023, at 7:59pm EDT! Each Edition comes with free gifts too! Please see the details in the store and at checkout.

(Note: I strongly recommend the Professional Healy Edition, because the Professional Healy Edition comes with an incredibly powerful selection of programs. Trust me – You’ll be really happy you did! Let me know if you want help.)

How Healy Came to Be

Listen to Healy inventor and founder, Marcus Schmieke, tell the story of the creation of Healy.

Introduction to MagHealy

Frequency not only has the power to transform your body, but it can also positively impact your environment. Watch this video to learn about the MagHealy device for your physical space.

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