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for sellers and investors

We provide expert partnerships and results for property sellers and investors. We believe in building relationships, dealing honestly, and succeeding through good work. We have years of experience in commercial and residential real estate investing, and we’re ready to work with you.

» Seller Solutions

Sell Us Your Apartment Building

Do you own an apartment building you no longer want to manage? Just don’t want the hassle of keeping your units rented and well-maintained? We’re actively seeking properties of all sizes to buy. Whether you have 10 units, 20 units, or more than 50, connect with us to talk about the options.

» Investor Solutions

“Be the Bank” for Real Estate Projects

Investors can now choose to make their money work harder for themselves — instead of giving it to the banks for close to nothing in interest, or risking it on the roller coaster ride of the money funds and stock market. Earn 5–10% fixed interest on projects secured by real estate. We put our expertise to work acquiring and managing property, and you make a fixed return on your investment. Submit our contact form to discuss which opportunities are right for you.

» Investor Solutions

Find Wholesale Rehab Deals & Assignment Contracts

No more searching for that perfect rehab property! Buy a deal now and start your rehab project immediately. Click the button below and submit the form to get on our “cut in front of the line” early notice list. Note: you must be ready to buy fast in order to play in this sandbox.

» Seller Solutions

Sell Your House, the Simple Way

Sellers, do you have a house you no longer want to manage? If you don’t want to make repairs and fix up your property to sell or rent, get in touch today to talk about a fast, no-stress sale to our team or partners.