Would you like a Personalized Blueprint for Creating Your Perfect Life, for FREE?

From the desk of
Mikhail Ocean
Virginia Beach, Virginia
August, 2018

Hi friend,

I’m doing something special this month, and I want to invite you to join me… for free.

I’ve set some time aside on my calendar for a coaching session with you, to walk through an exercise that reveals how you can achieve greater happiness and balance in any area of life you choose.

I’ll call you by phone or Skype, and I will teach you a formula for gaining immediate understanding about why certain parts of life may feel like a struggle, or just don’t deliver all the happiness or satisfaction you want.

We’ll then apply this formula to whatever area of life you want to improve. You will walk away with a clear, actionable blueprint for how to transform that area to match what you most desire.

Here’s how this works:

I’m Mikhail Ocean, founder of Results Velocity. Together with my wife, Saratoga Ocean, I’ve spent more than 2 decades helping people who want to change their lives break through confusion or resistance, and take action to create the life they really want.

We’ve learned why so many people feel unhappy or out of balance in their lives, even though they value success and have accomplished significant achievements in their careers or other areas. This happens when our inner and outer lives are out of alignment, and I’d like to teach you how to spot and correct these imbalances in your own life, for free.

When you let me know you’re interested at the bottom of this page, I’ll ask you to answer a few questions about your life, goals, and what you want to change.

I’ll read over your answers and put together some personalized ideas.

We’ll arrange a time for a free, 45 minute coaching session, during which I will walk you through 5 simple steps that pinpoint how to better align your circumstances and habits so you can move from struggle to success. We’ll go through the exercise together, specific to your situation and what matters most for you, so when you put the phone down you are ready to take action.

What’s more, you’ll learn exactly how to apply this formula to other situations, so it can be an effective tool you use for the rest of your life.

If you’re tired of feeling unfulfilled or out of balance, and you are ready to make changes to improve your quality of life, this session is going to provide you with a blueprint for transformation in any part of your life.

It won’t cost you a penny

(and there’s absolutely no catch)

So you’re probably wondering, why would I be offering this for free?

To be totally straightforward, this is how we get new clients.

You see, when people go through this formula, they often discover that certain life changes will be challenging, or things they just don’t know how to do. They ask for additional guidance and support to manifest their largest, most desired, most miraculous goals without having to endure extreme stress and struggles on the way.

To help them, we’ve put together a curriculum-based coaching package, consisting of a mastery-level online course taught by my wife, Saratoga, and a series of one-on-one coaching sessions with me. When people join, they get in-depth training and personal support on how to create the life of their dreams, by consciously applying the universal principles of manifestation.

That’s my motivation for offering this free session.

And there really is no catch, because…

This will NOT be a sales pitch

You won’t be under any pressure to become a client. The formula I’ll walk you through live, and the process of assembling your blueprint for change together — for free — are valuable enough to speak for themselves. I guarantee they will provide a foundation and guideline you can use to start transforming your life.

So you can relax and enjoy this opportunity to spend 45 minutes taking a fresh, clarifying look at your situation. After the free session, you might want to continue as a client. Or not. Either way, you will get off the phone knowing this simple formula you can apply again and again to understand why you’re not satisfied in certain areas of life, and how you can change it.

Don’t put this off. I only have 7 spots open for new clients, and once they fill up, I’ll be dedicating my time to them. I can’t promise this free session will be available again after that.

If you want a free one-on-one session with me to show you how to achieve alignment and happiness in any area of your life, fill in your name and email address below to get started.